About us

The Club Español del Arbitraje ("CEA" or the "Club") is a Spanish not for profit association whose aim is to promote arbitration as a means of conflict resolution and to develop arbitration in the Spanish and Portuguese languages or with a Latin-American component. It was founded in 2005 by a group of professionals specialised in international arbitration.

The Club, presided by Juan Fernández-Armesto, boasts more than 1000 members in 42 countries, all experts in arbitration, who have contributed to the consolidation of an international Spanish and Portuguese speaking arbitration community. All natural persons specialised in this subject and who share the goals of the Club, regardless of their nationality or place of residence,  are invited to join the CEA.

The aims of the Club Español del Arbitraje are:

  1. To promote the use of arbitration among Spanish or Portuguese speaking business people or those with interests in Latin America.
  2. To be a forum in which professionals may exchange ideas and knowledge.
  3. To cooperate with judges and magistrates in studying, developing and applying arbitration.
  4. To draw up reports, work documents, recommendations for good practice in arbitration and mediation as well as codes of conduct, to be taken as guidelines.
  5. To organise regular sessions on arbitration and mediation, as well as an annual congress, as meeting points for specialists in the field.
  6. To maintain a web site which will collate all relevant information in the field of arbitration and mediation.
  7. To publish, on the Club web site, a list of its members.

The CEA promotes its aims via its 30 International Chapters in Europe, America and Asia: in Argentina and Uruguay, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany and Austria, France, Guatemala, Holland, Honduras, Italy, Mexico, Nordic-Baltic, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland and Ukraine, Portugal, Rumanian, United Kingdom, United States (Florida and New York-Washington DC), Switzerland and Venezuela. Furthermore, new Chapters are being constituted on several continents.

The work of the Club is carried out by a number of Commissions and Work Groups such as, at present, the Commission on Arbitration Good Practice, the Commission on the Independence of Arbitrators, the Commission on Procedural Matters, the Commission on Corporate Arbitration, the Commission on Arbitration and Public law, the Commission on Financial Arbitration or the Commission on Mediation. These commissions draw up reports, codes and recommendations on several subjects aimed at arbitration users, lawyers, arbitrators, national and international arbitration and mediation institutions, judges and magistrates, representatives of academia, legislators and public administrations. Such documents include the Recommendations regarding the independence and impartiality of arbitrators,  the  CEA Code of Arbitration Good Practice, (which includes the CEA Arbitration Regulation Model), the  Code of Mediation Good Practice and the Report on Corporate Arbitration in Spain.

Furthermore, the foundation of the CEA has developed activities through seminars, internationally video transmitted conferences, annual congresses and publications such as the Spain Arbitration Review.

The CEA-40 group for young specialists in arbitration organises activities on arbitration and an annual Meeting, and takes part in the Co-Chairs' Circle, thus representing the Spanish and Portuguese voice in the international young arbitration professionals community.

In conclusion, the CEA acts as a platform from which to showcase the high standard of arbitral practice in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking and Latin American world. It is the intention of the Club to continue working with all those who show an interest in enhancing the trust of operators in international arbitration.